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New Kruger Brothers CD Appalachian Concerto plus Jens Banjo Masterclass DVD

The new Kruger Brothers CD is now on sale at Eagle Music, plus The Jens Kruger Banjo Masterclass DVD.

First copies of these two great releases were available at The Eagle Music Banjo 5 Event.

Composed in 2010, the Appalachian Concerto is a work for banjo, bass, guitar, and string quartet. Innovative, challenging, and beautiful, the piece takes the ensemble playing the Kruger Brothers are famous for to an entirely new level of musicianship. Click here to read more and buy this amazing new CD. You can watch clips of live performances from this CD here at The Eagle Music Shop Banjo 5 Event.

The Kruger Brothers Appalachian Concerto

Also, just over a year after the event itself, we are pleased to offer the Jens Kruger Banjo Masterclass, recorded at The Eagle Music Banjo 5 Event in 2010.

Jens Krüger ‘The Carolina King’ is without question one of the greatest five string banjo players of all time. Jens plays with verve, great passion, and amazing dexterity. He is in perfect harmony with, and the master of his instrument …The Banjo. Click here to read more and buy this amazing new DVD.

The Jens Kruger Banjo Masterclass

The Kruger Brothers Concert video footage at the Eagle Banjo 5 Event

We are pleased to present several video clips of the Kruger Brothers Concert at the Eagle Banjo 5 Event recorded on Saturday May 28th. Jens, Uwe and Joel once again mesmerized the audience with a stunning display of musical brilliance. Many thanks to Jens, Uwe, Joel and Phil for another heartfelt performance, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Please take a look at the clips below, we’d be happy to hear your comments.

This special Eagle Music event featured five of the USA’s greatest icons in the Banjo and American Music World  …Greg Deering, Janet Deering, Jens Kruger (Banjo), Uwe Kruger (Guitar), and Joel Landsberg (Bass). This evening concert by The Kruger Brothers followed a warm performance by Jon Strong after a fantastic day with jamming sessions and a Deering Banjos workshop hosted by Greg & Janet Deering.

Banjo 5 afternoon jamming video footage now online

It is with great pleasure that just a couple of days after this great Eagle Music Banjo 5 Event, we’ve already added several video clips to our website. Below you can see clips including mid afternoon banjo jamming with Eagle Music staff & friends.

During this special event Greg & Janet Deering presented Steve Noon with an award to commend Eagle for being the worlds No1 Deering Banjos dealer for the fifth year running.

We would like to that all our customers for attending this great event, thanks to Greg & Janet Deering, The Kruger Brothers and Jon Strong. Another fantastic day for all sharing our passion for music at this Banjo 5 Event.

Deering Banjos appoint Eagle Music as No1 world wide dealer for the 5th year running

At the Eagle Music Banjo 5 event on May 28th we were proud to be awarded with being the Deering Banjos world wide No1 dealer for the fifth year running. During this fantastic day and evening banjoist event, Greg & Janet Deering presented Steve and the Eagle Music staff with this prestigious award in the form of a lazer engraved plaque.

Below you can watch the presentation by Greg & Janet Deering, just prior to The Kruger Brothers evening concert.


Celebrating your


Dear Steve

It is with great joy, admiration and appreciation that we celebrate, yet another year, of Eagle Music’s status as the number 1 Deering Banjo Dealer world wide!

No Deering Dealer in history has maintained such a consistently high level of success, customer loyalty and continued growth for FIVE amazing years.

While measuring your volume of sales helps put a monetary evaluation on your performance, what it actually illuminates is the “real secret” and most important ingredient in your success….

… Customer Appreciation …

The earnest, sincere rapport with your customers combined with the solid thorough knowledge and love of the banjo that you present everyday, carries the inspiring, encouraging power that has enabled you to so effectively bring the magic of Deering Banjos to banjoists world wide.

Because it is rare for us as banjo makers and equally rare for your customers to find dkilled, knowledgable, banjo dealers like you, we want to take this moment to express our greatest appreciation, admiration and support for you, and all your exemplorary staff at Eagle Music!

Signed, Greg & Janet Deering, Barry Hunn