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Tickets now on Sale for Deering & Kruger Brothers Banjo 8 Event 2014

Eagle Music are celebrating their 8th consecutive year as the Number One World Dealership for the Deering Banjo Company USA.

We are delighted to announce that tickets are now on sale for the 2014 “Banjo 8” event here at eagle Music with Greg and Janet Deering, The Kruger Brothers and much, much more!

Here is the link for more details and to buy tickets for this world class event.

Gold Tone Micro Bass in stock at Eagle Music

As the Premier UK Dealership for Gold Tone, Florida, USA.

Don’t pass by on this show stopper from the 2014 NAMM show …We are delighted to announce that the Gold Tone Micro Bass models are now in stock including fretted and fretless models.

Please Click Here and follow this link for more information:

Along with the NEW Gold Tone Micro Bass instruments, we have in stock a comprehensive range of Gold Tone traditional instruments at the World’s best prices …including Tenor Guitars, Lap Steel guitars, Bouzouki family and of course Gold Tone Bluegrass, Open Back, Long Neck, Electric and compact Travel Banjos.

Gold Tone are an American based company in Titusville Florida, USA where they have a dedicated factory that custom build, finally assemble parts and set-up instruments that are manufactured in various world factory locations that include Korea, China and others. After final inspection and set up, Gold Tone products are shipped worldwide from their USA location. Gold Tone’s use of  factories in say China (where they have their own technicians on site) means that they can offer exceptional value for money relative to build quality. Each Gold Tone instrument has a serial number and carries a lifetime transferable guarantee against parts and workmanship.

Gold Tone was voted at the USA’s NAMM show 2011 NAMM Best in ShowCompanies to Watch

Check out the MBT+ a super metal bodied Tenor Guitar with onboard electrics that we can supply tuned to CGDA, Chicago DGBE or Irish GDAE!

Please follow this link for a Gold Tone Set Up Factory Tour

Below are pictured 16 various Gold Tone products to show the variety of the range … Please Click On the Title which will link to more information and the Specification of the product …

The  Gold Tone MBT+ Metal Bodied Electro Acoustic Tenor Guitar …

gold tone - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone TG-18 Solid Spruce Top Tenor Guitar …

gold tone tg 18 - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone LS-6 Vintage Era Lap Steel Guitar …

gold tone ls6 lap steel - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone BZ-500 Solid Top Flat Back Bouzouki …

gold tone bz500 - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone ‘Plucky’ Travel or Childrens  Size 5-String Banjo …

gold tone plucky - click to enlarge


The  Gold Tone ‘Bob Carlin’ Signature Model 12″ Pot Open Back Banjo …

bob carlin gold tone bc120 ob - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone WL-250LN Long Neck White Ladye Tone Ring Banjo …

Gold Tone Long Neck wl250 - click to enlarge


The  Gold Tone IT-250 ‘Short Scale’ Irish Tenor Banjo …

it250 front - click to enlarge


The  Gold Tone OB-250 Orange Blossom Pro Banjo …

gold tone bg250 - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone OB-250 Orage Blossom LEFTY Pro Banjo …

ob250 lefty - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone EBM-5 Electric 5-String Banjo …

gt ebm5 front - click to enlarge


The  Gold Tone WL-250 White Ladye Tone Ring Open Back 5-String Banjo …

wl250 OB Gold tone - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone TB-250 Deluxe White Ladye Travel 5-String Banjo …

gold tone - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone BG-150F Bluegrass 5-String Banjo …

gt bg 150F - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone BG-250F Bluegrass 5-String Banjo …

 - click to enlarge

The  Gold Tone Banjitar 6-String Guitar Banjo …

gold tone cc banjitar - click to enlarge


More Information on Gold Tone USA …

Gold Tone Banjos, located in Titusville, Florida was founded by Wayne and Robyn Rogers in 1993. Active folk musicians in the 70’s and 80’s, they opened Strings N’ Things Music Center in 1978. In 1993 Wayne designed the original TB-100 Travel Banjo and began manufacturing and distributing the “Traveler”  mail order. After a wonderful review by Banjo Newsletter, the TB-100 became very much in demand. As the company grew, new innovations were combined with proven vintage designs. Dealers and customers continued to request quality banjos in a reasonable price range and soon Gold Tone’s collection included 5 strings, 6 strings, Banjitars, Mando Banjos, 4 strings, Weissenborns, metal bodies, resonator guitars and mandolins.

At Gold Tone, they are committed to providing you with a quality instrument at an affordable price. That means quality parts, professional design, tight fitting assembly, and an expert set up by real musicians.Waynecontinually strives for “MORE BANG FOR THE BUCK”  in every design and all price points. Every instrument receives Gold Tone’s 12 point set-up, before shipment and verifies Gold Tone’s commitment to great tone, superb playability, and your musical satisfaction! Compare and you’ll find out why thousands of musicians are playing Gold Tone.

In addition to over 130 Gold Tone instrument models, here at Eagle Music we can supply Gold Tone parts and accessories, we also offer restorations, and do professional instrument set-ups in our on-sight workshop.

Gold Tone Build Quality Instruments

Gold Tone instruments are handcrafted with carefully selected woods, excellent finishes, quality hardware, and tight-fitting parts.



New Tanglewood Guitars for Old Exchange Deals

Call us today on 01484 661460 to part exchange  your old instrument against a stunning New Tanglewood Guitar …

At an amazing trade in price that is subsidised by Tanglewood UK

You don’t have to trade in your guitar …Any old musical instrument will qualify you for an amazing trade in deal!

This offer is too good to miss if you are considering buying a new guitar.

Just bring to us  your old instrument (or call us on the phone to talk through the deal), and we shall make you a stunning offer against a brand new Tanglewood guitar of your choice.

We are delighted to be appointed by Tanglewood UK to be able to offer this super saving deal to our customers.

Steve Noon
Eagle Music

August 2014