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Eagle Music are Deering Number workd dealership

The World’s Number One Banjo Specialist Company…

If you are looking for a top quality banjo, that will be set up in our workshop by specialist banjo technicians and be supplied to you in perfect playing condition, you need look no further.

We are now in our 8th consecutive year as the World’s Number One Dealership for the USA Deering Banjo Company.

Greg and Janet Deering of the Deering Banjo Company presented Eagle Music with this wonderful plaque  on November 8th 2014 at our Banjo 8 celebration weekend.

The wording on the plaque says it all about our dedication to our customers and quality.

Eagle Music shop, Deering banjos plaque award  for customer service

Eagle Music Shop, Deering Banjos World Number One Dealership plaque award for customer service for eight consecutive years

Greg and Janet Deering present Eagle Music with the World Number Dealership plaque for the eighth consecustive year.

Greg and Janet Deering present Eagle Music with the World Number Dealership plaque for the eighth consecustive year.


Eagle Music Instrument Set-up, Satisfaction and Service Guarantee

As the UKs Premier Acoustic Instrument Specialist Suppliers, We often get asked the question

”Do you set-up instruments before sending them out” ?

The answer is a big YES we do! and here are some photographs of instruments passing through our on-site workshop daily before dispatch.

Rest assured that your Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Ukulele etc. order will arrive with you fully set-up and be tuned ready to play!

Also please see below for our company statement regarding your satisfaction and guarantee …

Adjust banjo action
Fitting Fishman transducer
Banjo spike fitting set-up
Guitar truss rod adjustment
Adjust bridge saddle
Set pickup balance
Hone high frets
Fret rounding
Uke nut setting
Adjust banjo truss rod
Adjust bridge saddle
Set banjo coordinating rods
Lag bolt fixing
Guitar truss rod adjustment
File nut for action
Setting scale length
Sand bone saddle for lower action

Our Eagle Music Service and Satisfaction Guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee  if not 100% Satisfied up to one month after purchase

We have One Price … in our Store, on our Web site, Ebay shop or Telephone orders

All our instruments are inspected and Set Up in our Onsite workshop before sale

Price Match
We match Any UK Retail Price of same items

Professional packing department  – Guaranteed safe worldwide delivery

Call us on 01484 661460 for Professional Musical Advice

Our track record and unrivalled customer satisfaction here at Eagle Music has given us the following jewels in our crown.


We are the Worlds No.1 dealership for USA Deering Banjos

Exclusive UK dealership for OME USA Banjos

No.1 UK dealership for USA Nechville Banjos

Exclusive uk dealership for world class Prucha Banjos 


We are the Uk’s No.1 independent dealership for Tanglewood Guitars


We are the Premier Store for Ohana USA and the UK’s exclusive dealership for Mainland USA.


We are the exclusive UK dealership for world class Prucha mandolins and other bluegrass instruments and much, much more here at Eagle Music!!!

We hope our company quality statement will give you peace of mind when ordering online from us, and we also look forward to you coming to the shop to meet us at some stage.

Steve Noon


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America goodtime

Americana 12 inch rim Goodtimes in stock

Does Size Matter?

The Tonal Differences Between An 11 inch and a 12 inch  Banjo Rim

In the history of the banjo, the idea of a larger rim is certainly not a new concept. For many years, banjo builders have experimented with different rim diameters to explore the different sounds and tones from their instruments. Outside of the common 11” formula that most major banjo companies stick to today, the lesser known 12” is probably next in line in popularity.

Deering has now ventured into the wider side of life and has now started to produce new 12” versions of its beloved 3-ply violin grade maple rims that are at the heart of all of its banjos.

The NEW Americana is Excellent for clawhammer and frailing styles and players searching for that deeper. mellower warm sound.

Here is the link to the NEW American Deering Goodtime banjo on our web site

frailing Clawhammer Banjo

Deering Goodtime Americana