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Americana 12 inch rim Goodtimes in stock

Does Size Matter?

The Tonal Differences Between An 11 inch and a 12 inch  Banjo Rim

In the history of the banjo, the idea of a larger rim is certainly not a new concept. For many years, banjo builders have experimented with different rim diameters to explore the different sounds and tones from their instruments. Outside of the common 11” formula that most major banjo companies stick to today, the lesser known 12” is probably next in line in popularity.

Deering has now ventured into the wider side of life and has now started to produce new 12” versions of its beloved 3-ply violin grade maple rims that are at the heart of all of its banjos.

The NEW Americana is Excellent for clawhammer and frailing styles and players searching for that deeper. mellower warm sound.

Here is the link to the NEW American Deering Goodtime banjo on our web site

frailing Clawhammer Banjo

Deering Goodtime Americana

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