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Gift Vouchers from Eagle Music

Start shopping nice and early for Christmas 2018 folks!

Take the strain out of choosing a gift for your friends and loved ones and give an ‘Eagle Music Gift Voucher’ …Buy the value that you want at the time of your order.
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The Eagle Music Shop gift voucher is a brilliant gift to give to your musical friends and loved ones for Christmas, Birthday or that special occasion. The gift voucher can be used at any time at Eagle Music in the shop, by post or over the telephone. This gift idea takes out the problem of buying the ‘wrong’ musical gift! The value can be added to by the user at the time of ‘spending’ the voucher. Please use the drop-down options to buy your gift voucher. We write in the value and sign your gift voucher before sending it to you by FIRST CLASS UK FREE POST


Deering 11 Years Award to Eagle Music …

A big sincere hearty ‘Thank You’ to Greg, Janet and Jamie Deering for travelling all the way from San Diego, California, USA to be with us at our ‘Banjo 11’ Anniversary event to celebrate Eagle Music’s amazing eleven consecutive years as the #1 world dealership for Deering Banjos.

Deering present eagle Mussic with plaque at banjo 11

We were delighted to receive the beautiful carved maple plaque that was presented to Eagle Music at the interval of the Kruger Brothers evening concert …Also the four string ‘Irish Tuned’ Goodtime ‘Mandoline’ Banjo that was presented to our founder Steve Noon.

Deering present Steve Noon with uke banjo at Banjo 11


‘Thank You’ Greg, Janet and Jamie …for the continued supply of the finest quality world class banjos, which makes it possible for Eagle Music to make magic daily with our delighted customers! …Here’s to many more years working together for the magic of the banjo.

Violin Care & Maintenance – Looking after your Violin, a guide by Eagle Music

We are often asked how do I look after my violin?  and how do I clean it?
Here eagle Music answers in simple terms the important do’s and don’ts regarding general care of your violin, storing, cleaning and transporting your violin safely.

Eagle Music Shop has a fully equipped on-site workshop facility and offers a full set-up and repair service for stringed instruments.


In general musical instruments like the same environment as their player, they need conditions where it is not too hot or hot and certainly not wet or damp! Keep your violin clean and free from dust, dirt and moisture. In a UK home, its OK to leave your instrument on a stand between playing sessions, in fact we encourage this as it makes you pick up the instrument more frequently to play and practise. Buy a decent quality stand to keep your instrument ‘out of the way’ in a corner of the room. Never leave it near a radiator or in a window where direct sunlight can fall upon the instrument and bake it! Also, never leave your violin stored in a cold or damp place eg. cellar, loft or out in the garage!


Each time you have played your violin give it a wipe over with a lint free cloth to remove finger marks. the strings can be cleaned with Pirastro Violin String Cleaner. Violin care products can be bought ‘off-the-shelf’ from Eagle Music. From time to time you may want to polish your violin, always check that this is suitable for the finish on your instrument eg. 1880 violin polish must be used with extreme care. Always remove finger and body marks from your violin after use with a clean lint free cloth that is available for this purpose. Never use abrasive cleaners on your violin! Wipe your fingerboard down and remove any excess rossin that has deposited itself there.


Care of your violin during transportation really depends on where it is being transported to, and how it is being transported. Hard-shell cases and semi rigid cases are both available. But please note:- when using a semi-rigid case, you must always remember that your instrument can still be damaged if you don’t take care of how you handle it, how you put it down and where you leave it as other persons can sit on your case! Also, If you are a gigging musician, It wouldn’t be a good idea to put your semi-rigid case and instrument in the back of a van or in the boot of a car with PA gear and other hard objects! We recommend a hard-shell case always for gigging musicians. If you’re travelling by air we recommend a hard-shell or even better a flight case. Also, for added protection its a good idea to ‘bubble wrap’ your hard-shell case before letting it go in the hold of an airplane, the handling of baggage at airports can be very rough! Our Hiscox range of lite-flight cases is excellent or you could have a more expensive flight case made by Keith Calton.

Check out our Black-Ice and Extreme Protection range of well thought out quality gig bags. For hard-shell cases check out our Leader, Hiscox, Deering, TKL, Original and Kinsman etc. range of top quality brands.

Violin buyers guide – Acoustic, electric and electro acoustic Violins from Fidelius, Stentor, Antoni, Cathedral and many more

Our choice of violins/fiddles at Eagle Music Shop are selected to suit the absolute beginner through to the seasoned professional. We offer sizes to suit all ages from 1/8 through to 4/4. Check out our extensive range of excellent starter packs at sheer value for money.

There are three critical but simple decisions that you our valued customer should make when buying a violin:-

Buy from a Specialist Company … that will set up the instrument correctly
Eagle Music is one of Europes leading acoustic instrument specialist shops

Buy the Best Quality instrument … that is within your budget
Eagle Music carry a large selection of world class violin brands

Choose the Correct Size Violin… sizes vary for young and grown up players
Eagle Music’s specialist musician sales team  will ensure this for you

The notes below will help you choose the violin that is the right model for you.

Eagle Music Shop offer to you violins or ‘fiddles’ as you may wish to call them, starting from favourably priced Antoni and Stentor Student ‘outfits’ to the highest quality hand built electric violins that you see being played by professionals including fidelius, Bridge Electric Violins, Yamaha and Straus. The Antoni ‘Debut’ and ebony fitted Antoni ‘Premier’ violin outfits are exceptional value. Check out the ‘used instruments’ part of our website vintage violins.

Whether you are just starting to learn to play violin and are looking for an ideal starter model or are an experienced player looking to for a top quality hand made violin, Eagle Music can provide you with all the expert advice you will ever need, alongside an exceptional after sales service, including spares and repairs and a professional bow re-hairing service.

Violin spares and accessories are in plenty at Eagle Music Shop along with a multitude of violin / fiddle music books, violin tuition books and CDs and violin tuition videos. We also offer a bow re-hairing service.

Our violin technical advice section will also help you in deciding what type of instrument to buy.
Eagle Music are the exclusive UK retailer of Fidelius electric and electro acoustic violins hand built in Germany by Ulrich Schwabe they are played by world class stars including Nigel Kennedy and Boyd Tinsley.