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Eagle are the Worldwide Number One Deering Banjos Master Dealer

On November 3rd 2012. Greg, Janet and Jamie Deering of the Deering Banjo Company, California, USA , visited Eagle Music to be part of the ‘Banjo 2012’ event, which also featured the fabulous Kruger Brothers in concert.
In the evening before the Kruger Brothers concert, Greg and Janet Deering presented Steve Noon and Eagle Music with a carved maple plaque in recognition of Eagle Music being their number one world dealership for the past six consecutive years. The plaque is also in recognition of Eagle Music’s amazing worldwide sales of more than two thousand Deering Banjos since becoming a Master Dealer for the Deering Banjo Company!

The plaque reads as follows…..


Eagle Music Shop

BANJO 2012


Dear Steve

It is with the greatest appreciation, pride and joy, that we honor and acknowledge Eagle Music as the number one Deering Banjo Dealer in the world.

You have not only achieved the enviable milestone of having sold more than two thousand Deering Banjos but you have maintained your status as the number one Deering Banjos Dealer world wide for six consecutive years.

While these dramatic and impressive numbers are important to any instrument maker when considering dealer performance, their greatest value is in the most important message they convey.

Eagle Music’s profound, in-depth, un-wavering and unrelenting dedication to your customers.

Customer trust is not easy to earn and very easy to lose. Maintaining this level of trust is the mark of a passionate and heartfelt dedication to customer service.
For these achievements, and for bringing the wondrous, life-affirming magic of the banjo to Deering customers around the world, we extend our deepest, most profound thanks and appreciation, and look forward to many more years of friendship, music, banjos and success.


Greg & Janet Deering, Barry Hunn



The beautiful plaque was made by Greg Deering himself, it is carved from solid maple and is now hanging proudly in the main showroom at Eagle Music Shop, here in Armitage Bridge, West Yorkshire.

The Eagle Team
Back Row: Left To Right: Alan Hardwick, Greg Deering, Matt Chaffer, Graham Holt, Steve Noon, Joan Noon, Sean Jessop, Gary Collins
Front Row: Left To Right: Ilona Ruttle, Rachel (Noon) Price, Jules Hirst, Emma (McNab) Siwczyk

We were awestruck here at Eagle Music with the whole day of celebrations at ‘Banjo 2012’ and thank you our customers for all your kind words and comments that are coming in to us daily.
We offer you our best service at all times, and we can say most confidently that when it comes to banjos … No-One knows them better!

Thank you.

Steve and the Eagle Music Team.
Click here to see more photographs of the event

Tickets on sale for Banjo 2012 event with Greg and Janet Deering and The Kruger Brothers

Dear Friends,

We are proud to announce that following the hugely successful 2007, 2008, 2009 2010 Banjo ‘1000’, and  2011 (five year anniversary) Banjo ‘5’ showcase events here at Eagle Music Shop, this year we are celebrating  Eagle Music’s sales of over two thousand and twelve Deering Banjos! The ‘Banjo 2012’ Event on Saturday November 3rd 2012.

Please click here to buy Banjo ‘2012’ event tickets

 Please click here to see pictures of last year’s Banjo ‘5’ anniversary event

Eagle Music Banjo Event

It is also our Sixth Consecutive Year as the World’s Number One Dealership for the USA Deering Banjo Company.

We are looking forward to another fantastic day of music, jam sessions, on-stage afternoon workshops and an on-stage evening concert performance from the world renowned Kruger Brothers. (Support act to be confirmed) Also an opportunity to browse what will be probably be the largest selection of modern and vintage banjos ever to be displayed for public viewing in the world!!!

Please join us at our Banjo 2012 event, where you will have the opportunity to personally meet five of the USA’s greatest icons in the banjo and American music world  …Greg Deering, Janet Deering, Jens Kruger ‘Banjo’, Uwe Kruger ‘Guitar’ and Joel Landsberg ‘Bass’

Greg and Janet Deering founded the Deering Banjo Company over thirty years ago, a company that is now considered by the world’s greatest exponents of the banjo to be ‘The Worlds Greatest American Banjo Company’.

Jens Kruger the ‘Carolina King’ is without question one of the greatest five-string banjo players of all times. Uwe Kruger is a master Guitarist / vocalist and Joel Landsberg is one of the finest Bass players in the business. The Kruger Brothers now living in North Carolina, USA, are the hottest USA based band, having taken the world bluegrass and folk scene by storm for the past decade and a half.

The Kruger Brothers will play our on sight venue ‘The North Light Gallery’ on Saturday afternoon for an On-stage-Workshop and an evening Showcase Concert on November 3rd as part of their official 2012 European tour.

Our special guests, Greg and Janet Deering will give an on stage afternoon workshop ‘The Banjo in Modern Times’ … Greg & Janet will also be available throughout the day to check out your personal banjo.

The UK Bluegrass Band ‘The Down County Boys’ will be the support for the evening Kruger Brothers concert.

Please click here for more information about the Down County Boys

The UK Bluegrass band “The Down County Boys” was formed in 1964 and has been performing at major bluegrass festivals yearly from the very beginning! Over the years, the band has enjoyed having some of the finest UK bluegrass musicians as performing members. The current five piece line-up includes (from left to right on photo) Chris Elson Guitars/vocals. Peter Parker, fiddle/vocals. Mick Cooper upright bass/vocals. Dan Norton, mandolin/vocals.  Chris Cooper, banjo/vocals. The band plays with musical drive and passion, intermixed with classic vocals and a mix of subtle humour for added entertainment!

We look forward to seeing you here,


Steve, Rachel  and the Eagle Music Team

Ticket Details for ‘Banjo 2012’

Tickets can be purchased as follows

  • At Eagle Music Shop, call +44 (0)1484 661460
  • At www.eaglemusicshop.com
  • Or send a cheque or PO to Eagle Music Shop

If you have paid for a ticket online, simply give your name at the door

on the day. Your numbered ticket will be checked on the list and you

will be given your ticket for the event.

Ticket Prices

  • Daytime Only – 10.30am until 6.00pm – £15.00
  • Evening Only – 7.30pm until Close ‘The Krüger Brothers in Concert’ – £30.00
  • Full Day and ‘Kruger Brothers Concert Ticket’ -10.30am until Close – £38.00

Full Timetable for the event – to be announced

Deering Banjos & Eagle Music at Longford, Johnny Keenan 10th Anniversary Banjo Festival

The Johnny Keenan 10th Anniversary Banjo Festival, Thursday September 22nd through to Sunday the 25th with Deering Banjos & Eagle Music.

“A Celebration of Irish Traditional and American Bluegrass Music”

This year it’s the 10th anniversary of The Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival, Longford Ireland. Greg and Janet Deering will be flying in from California as guests of honour and Greg Deering will present a Banjo Workshop Masterclass. Steve and Joan Noon of Eagle Music are delighted to accompany Greg and Janet and represent Deering Banjos Europe at the festival.

There will be a Deering Banjos Trade Stand in the main concert venue throughout the duration of this world class festival where you will be able to see and try out the largest selection of American built Deering 5-string and 4-string tenor banjos ever seen in Ireland! The display will include Deering, Tenbrooks, Vega, Goodtime and Goodtime ‘Leader’ banjos built by the great American Banjo Company. All the banjos on display will be offered for sale and sold at very special ‘Johnny Keenan’ celebration prices!

Find the Deering & Eagle Music trade stand at:-


There will be instrument teaching workshops and concerts throughout the festival …

The world class line up of artists include Tony Trischka, Gerry O’Connor, Four Men and a Dog, Leroy Troy, Pete and Joan Wernick, Steve Cooney and Mairtin O’Connor, Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band …and many more world class artists

Here is the link to the festival for more information:-


johnny keenan banjo festival

Banjo, uke, mandolin, guitar etc. Eagle Music tuition classes update

Banjo Classes Update: The next Six Week ‘Absolute Beginners’ Banjo lessons course will commence at 5.15pm on Tuesday evening, 23rd August 2011 at Eagle Music Shop.

Please call 01484 661460 for details and to book on this course. Maximum of eight students per course.

As part of our complete service here at Eagle Music Shop, please check out our in-house absolute beginners and intermediate group lessons for Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Guitar etc. We can also arrange one-to-one intermediate to advanced lessons for most of the instruments that we retail. Our dedicated EMS teaching staff have many years of experience teaching, playing music, and performing live on stage. We have four experienced musical instrument teachers within our resident staff. We can also put you in touch with a number of excellent musical instrument teachers that are not part of our Eagle Music staff, but work in close harmony with Eagle Music.

The benefits to EMS students are as follows:

  • A fast track to getting you on the correct route to playing your chosen instrument
  • Specialist advise on instrument care, maintenance and general instrument set-up
  • Specialist advise on the choice of instruments and advanced tuition material
  • Specialist advise on musical styles
  • Special discounts on musical instruments and spares purchased from Eagle Music Shop

Please telephone 01484 661460 or email info@eaglemusicshop.com for more information about Eagle Music lessons and teachers.

Happy Pickin,
Steve Noon
January 2011

Eagle Music School is registered and in association with Music Teachers UK

‘It’s Never Too Late To Learn’

The next Six Week Banjo lessons course will commence at 5.15pm on Tuesday evening, May 3rd at Eagle Music Shop. Please call 01484 661460 for details and to book on this course. Maximum of eight students per course.




Fees: £10.00 per hour, with special discounts to students on musical products and tuition material.

If you want to learn to play 5-string Banjo …we can’t guarantee that you will ever be able to play as great as Jens Kruger! But what we can guarantee is that you will be set out on the correct route to playing 5-string banjo and enjoying your music. With specialist help from our teachers, dedication and practice, every student will rise to his or her own level of musical ability and competence.

New Kruger Brothers CD Appalachian Concerto plus Jens Banjo Masterclass DVD

The new Kruger Brothers CD is now on sale at Eagle Music, plus The Jens Kruger Banjo Masterclass DVD.

First copies of these two great releases were available at The Eagle Music Banjo 5 Event.

Composed in 2010, the Appalachian Concerto is a work for banjo, bass, guitar, and string quartet. Innovative, challenging, and beautiful, the piece takes the ensemble playing the Kruger Brothers are famous for to an entirely new level of musicianship. Click here to read more and buy this amazing new CD. You can watch clips of live performances from this CD here at The Eagle Music Shop Banjo 5 Event.

The Kruger Brothers Appalachian Concerto

Also, just over a year after the event itself, we are pleased to offer the Jens Kruger Banjo Masterclass, recorded at The Eagle Music Banjo 5 Event in 2010.

Jens Krüger ‘The Carolina King’ is without question one of the greatest five string banjo players of all time. Jens plays with verve, great passion, and amazing dexterity. He is in perfect harmony with, and the master of his instrument …The Banjo. Click here to read more and buy this amazing new DVD.

The Jens Kruger Banjo Masterclass

Banjo 5 afternoon jamming video footage now online

It is with great pleasure that just a couple of days after this great Eagle Music Banjo 5 Event, we’ve already added several video clips to our website. Below you can see clips including mid afternoon banjo jamming with Eagle Music staff & friends.

During this special event Greg & Janet Deering presented Steve Noon with an award to commend Eagle for being the worlds No1 Deering Banjos dealer for the fifth year running.

We would like to that all our customers for attending this great event, thanks to Greg & Janet Deering, The Kruger Brothers and Jon Strong. Another fantastic day for all sharing our passion for music at this Banjo 5 Event.

Deering Banjos appoint Eagle Music as No1 world wide dealer for the 5th year running

At the Eagle Music Banjo 5 event on May 28th we were proud to be awarded with being the Deering Banjos world wide No1 dealer for the fifth year running. During this fantastic day and evening banjoist event, Greg & Janet Deering presented Steve and the Eagle Music staff with this prestigious award in the form of a lazer engraved plaque.

Below you can watch the presentation by Greg & Janet Deering, just prior to The Kruger Brothers evening concert.


Celebrating your


Dear Steve

It is with great joy, admiration and appreciation that we celebrate, yet another year, of Eagle Music’s status as the number 1 Deering Banjo Dealer world wide!

No Deering Dealer in history has maintained such a consistently high level of success, customer loyalty and continued growth for FIVE amazing years.

While measuring your volume of sales helps put a monetary evaluation on your performance, what it actually illuminates is the “real secret” and most important ingredient in your success….

… Customer Appreciation …

The earnest, sincere rapport with your customers combined with the solid thorough knowledge and love of the banjo that you present everyday, carries the inspiring, encouraging power that has enabled you to so effectively bring the magic of Deering Banjos to banjoists world wide.

Because it is rare for us as banjo makers and equally rare for your customers to find dkilled, knowledgable, banjo dealers like you, we want to take this moment to express our greatest appreciation, admiration and support for you, and all your exemplorary staff at Eagle Music!

Signed, Greg & Janet Deering, Barry Hunn