Deering Banjo 1000 Photo Gallery at Eagle Music Shop

Here is a collection of photos from the Eagle Music Shop Banjo 1000 Event with Deering Banjos and The Kruger Brothers. We’d love to hear your comments about this great event which took place on Saturday March 20th 2010.

This first slideshow contains photos at random from throughout day including The Deering Banjo Clinic, our group rendition of Dueling Banjos led by Jens Kruger, Howard ‘Shep’ Shepherd’s support performance, The Jens Kruger Master Class, the event Kruger Brothers Concert and many other happy snaps of this great day at Eagle Music.


Here is a gallery of all the events of the day, again we’d love to hear your comments.

3 thoughts on “Deering Banjo 1000 Photo Gallery at Eagle Music Shop

  1. Graham Alibone

    Fun, friendly and inspiring. If you missed this one don’t miss the next. Thank you to everyone who made this day special.

  2. steve baker

    I bought myself a deering Leader drive Duke electro off you guys today and been looking at this page tonight and I’m so looking forward to getting it , the personal service has been much appreciated wishing the very best to this company !

  3. Derick Winterbottom

    Greetings from Willaston ,Adelaide, Australia.
    I am going to be in theU.K. between July/August
    this year2011.Looking forward to going to “The Yorkshire Dales Bluegrass Weekend.Instruments that I play,a Gibson RB 250 Mastertone(not bringing this in case of transit damage)but I am bringing A”White Swallow”Piccolo”mini minor sring tuned in “G” but an octave hogher than a standard 5 string .It,s small and compact hope to get it on the plane as hand luggage.I also play Ukulele
    a Gold Tone open back model and I have a Tenor ukue on order from our local music shop.I,ll be staying in a lovely B&B in Skipton whilst in Yorks.
    I was born in Oldham ,Lancs. but been in Aussie for v47yrs(My first trip back to see family and friends.I am looking forward to visiting Eagle Music and meeting like minded people perhaps meet new friends.Can fill you in on the B/Grass scene down under.I am not exactly anther Earl Scruggs but I can pick a bit.
    Hey does anybody know Sid Preston from Whitby?
    he came to our distrct to attend a wedding met Sid and had a great time jamming at a Bar-B-Que.Would like to catch up with him during my stay.
    Weather here at pres cool to cold early mornings but gorgeous during the day not too hot.
    In summer temp peaked at 45Degfor a few days.
    Thats too hot for me ,this is just right.
    Best Wishes to all
    See you soon

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