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Whistle Care & Maintenance – Looking after your whistle, a guide by Eagle Music

We are often asked how do I look after my Whistle, and how do I clean it? Here Eagle Music answers in simple terms the important do’s and don’ts regarding general care of your whistle, storing, cleaning and transporting your whistle safely.

Eagle Music Shop has a fully equipped on-site workshop facility and offers a full set-up and repair service for all instruments.

It is important to treat your whistle with the utmost care as dents and damages can make play out of tune or even be impossible to play at all.

Take care with the mouthpiece (fipple) and always ensure it is clean and free from dirt. If your whistle is tunable from time to time apply a small amount of joint grease onto the joints to ease sliding it to tune it.

After each use, clean out the bore of your whistle and remove any moisture or dirt that has settled there. This can be done with what is called a flute/whistle  mop which is made from lint free wadding held in position by thin wire that is wrapped around it and also forms a shaft and handle.

You can also clean and disinfect your whistles by swishing them around in a tub of water that has a small amount of disinfectant mixed in with it. Dry the whistle with a clean lint free cloth.

Always put your whistle back in its case when not in use. Eagle have dedicated Extreme Protection cases for flutes and whistles.