Tanglewood Sundance Performance Pro guitars in stock at Eagle Music

Tanglewood Performance Pro Guitar range now in stock

The superb new Sundance ‘Performance Pro’ range of Tanglewood guitars are now in stock at Eagle Music …

Tanglewood’s Sundance Performance Pro Series is the culmination of decades of guitar building expertise and research. Swedish master luthier Michael Sanden has designed Tanglewood’s new flagship models, boasting all solid wood combinations and sumptuous features on some of the most popular and iconic acoustic body shapes in guitar history.

The range will begin with the heritage inspired Dreadnought X15 at £699, two Superfolk cutaway models at £799 in the X45AVE and X45NSE, and the Super Folk cutaway all solid Mahogany X47E. Every one of these guitars will feature all solid construction and Custom Masterdesign parallel and fan tapered bracing patterns.

All electro models will feature Fishman Presys Plus electronic systems.

Tanglewood Sundance Performance Pro guitars in stock at eagle Music

Pictured From Left to Right the models include: The X70 TE Orchestra size body: The X15NS Dreadnought: The X45 AVE Super Folk Cutaway:The X47 E Superfolk Cutaway: The X15 SDTE Vintage Slope Shoulder Dreadnought and the X47 Superfolk Cutaway

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The range and tone of the final two models then gets turbocharged with the addition of Torrefied tops, X70TE and X15SDTE models. Using a new kiln drying technique called Torrefaction, these two range topping Performance Pro instruments have been created with unique sound characteristics that replicate a well loved vintage instrument that has been played in for over 30 years!

“The wood is heat-treated in an oxygen-free kiln, making it highly resonant and extremely stable, it’s as if the wood is pre-aged.” Says Master designer Michael Sanden, “It looks and sounds like wood that’s been broken in for many years.”

This amazing “time machine” process is the very latest custom feature to surface amongst high-end boutique guitar luthiers in recent years. The torrefaction process that Tanglewood are employing on these new instruments has resulted in huge critical industry acclaim. Tanglewood’s ethos of putting musicians first, has resulted in this amazing breakthrough guitar technology becoming available to all players, as standard with UK launch prices of only £899!

Tanglewood Sundance Performance Pro guitars in stock at eagle Music

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