Traditional Musical Instrument Buyers Guide – choosing the right instrument for you

Eagle Music describes here the general details and criteria for you to study when you are buying a musical instrument. Also see the specific section for each particular type of instrument.

eg. if you are buying a banjo, read the notes below and then look in the Banjo Buyers Guide section.

Which instrument is the right one for you?

From the Eagle Music team’s vast experience of playing the musical instruments that we retail, we have written The Eagle Music ‘Buyers Guide’ to help you as an absolute beginner or a  proficient player, to choose the instrument that is the ‘right one for you’. In these notes we have taken into consideration your budget and the type of music that you want to play or learn to play. We give the answers to each of your key questions for each particular instrument.

Each section is relevant to the particular instrument that you play or want to learn to play, and gives consideration to the following criteria when buying your particular instrument.

Credibility of the retailer that is offering to sell you your instrument

Does the retailer have a long standing business that has thousands of returning customers? Does the retailer have a support team? Does the retailer have specialists within their business that can give you honest and credible advice? Does the retailer have a workshop and offer you an ‘after sales service’? Does the retailer offer a ‘Money back Guarantee’ if you are not fully satisfied? Does the retailer have a Price Match Policy’? If needed, can the retailer offer you any finance options to help you buy the instrument of your dreams?
Eagle Music Shop’s  answer is a big ‘YES’ to all the above questions.

Other considerations when you are buying a musical instrument

Retail Price

First decide on your maximum budget, then put together a short list of models that you have found within this price band.


Check out the ‘pedigree’ of the manufacturer …High profile major known name brands have built up their reputation on build quality and service.

The Country of Origin of the instrument

Find out where the instrument is built ? You may have a preference for the country of origin

Quality Level

The build quality level of the instrument relative to player eg. Beginner, Intermediate or professional, also take into account that a professional level instrument is very much suitable for a beginner!

The Type/Style of Music

The type and style of music that is played on the particular instrument model

After Sales Spares and Service

Does your supplier have a workshop for after sales support, does your supplier set-up the instrument before selling it to you?

Manufacturers Guarantee

Does the instrument have any kind of manufacturers guarantee or any guarantee against parts and workmanship from your supplier?

Cosmetic Details

Does the instrument tick all your boxes for design and ergonomics

Weight of Instrument

Consider the weight of the instrument before buying …some makers have lighter weight models that are easier to handle.

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